- GC/html5 is a newest version of GC(Geometric Constructor) which is one of the free dynamic geometry software used in Japan since 1989.
- We can use GC/html5 with
-- PC (Internet Explorer 9, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
-- iPad
-- Android tablet
--- Sony tablet P is tested.
--- (Android 4.0.3 is suitable for GC/html5.)
- We can use it with iPhone but it is not suitable.

** basic feature
- you can drag &color(white,green){"GREEN"}; point by mouse or touch.
- you can construct figure.
- you can save figure file on server / on your machine(web storage)

** International version


- It was finished at 25 July.
- After the translation from Japanese to English, you can translate from English to other language by making dictionary function.

** sample (with english vesion)
*** most basic sample

-- separeted file type (GC.htm + fig file)

- with measurement of areas

*** 4 angle-bisectors


*** find the location of P such that PA = PB

*** find the location of P such that 2 PA = PB

*** find the location of P such that AEDF becomes rectangle.

** list of combied files

-- underconstruction

** list of separated files


** top page of GC/html5(english version)


** sample (with Japanese version)

- combined file style
-- [[list of files>http://iijima.auemath.aichi-edu.ac.jp/ftp/yiijima/gc_html5_test/gchtml/]](in Japanese)

- separate file style (GC.htm + fig_file) 

-- http://iijima.auemath.aichi-edu.ac.jp/ftp/yiijima/gc_html5_test/GC.htm?file=00295-sample.gcx
-- [[list of files>http://iijima.auemath.aichi-edu.ac.jp/ftp/yiijima/gc_html5_test/list_gcx2.php]](in Japanese)
** english version is comming soon
-above GC/html5 is written in Japanese.
** about
- Y.Iijima (professor, department of mathematics education, Aichi University of Education)
- yiijima@auecc.aichi-edu.ac.jp

** for Japanese
-[[on detail in Japanese>http://iijima.auemath.aichi-edu.ac.jp/gcwiki/pukiwiki.php?GC%2Fhtml5]](日本語での詳細はこちらへ)

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