* 1. Access the site of GC/html5


* 2. Click New Figure


* 3. Click "New" button of GC/html5


* 4. Add some new points by clicks or touches
- You can add a new point by click(PC) or touch (tablet) 
- You can add some points continuously, which will be independent points of your figure.
- You can stop adding point by pressing button "return" or pushing key "esc". 


* 5. Add some geometrical objects.
- You can construct some geometrical objects based on constructed objects as following;
-- (1) selecting the kind of geometrical objects (point, line, segment, ray, circle, etc.)
-- (2) selecting the basic geometrical construction
-- (3) selecting the geometrical objects to be used in selected construction
--- GC/html5 shows the candidate object in red color.
--- If you touch it, the selection is finished.
--- If you touch other object, GC/html5 changes the candidate object.
--- If you have trouble to touch some object, you can use the arrows button, wth which you can change candidate.
--- You can cancel the selection by push cancel button.

* 5' sample of construction


* 6. If you want to change color of segment, use edit menu.
- Pressing edit button, you can edit some properties of gemetrical object including the color and name etc.


* 7. Save a figure


- write a title and press the submit button 
- now submit button is now written in chinese character, which will be changed to alphabet.


- You can use the saved figure in two modes as following.

* 8. Two kind of lists of figure.

(1) separete files mode ( GC/html5 file and figure file)

- This file can be used with Server.

(2) combined file mode ( GC/html5 file including the figure data)


- This file can be used independently from server.
- If you save this file in you computer, you can use it without the Internet.


- In the case of iPad, dropbox is useful for the local use of iPad and GC/html5

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